From Jellies, Glazes, Syrups, and Mixes, to Gift Baskets and Crates...we've got you covered!
From Jellies, Glazes, Syrups, and Mixes, to Gift Baskets and Crates...we've got you covered!

Rafter 7S - #1 Pepper Jellies, Fruit Jellies, Pepper Glazes, Fruit Syrups, Gift Baskets, Gift Crates

I have made jelly for many years, sharing them with family and friends. In the mid 1990’s I began selling my jelly at farmer’s markets and craft fairs. After hearing customers, family, and friends rave about how they loved our products, we decided to take the next step. In 2004 we launched our commercial business and introduced our products into stores across Nebraska.

Rafter 7S is located 30 miles north of Paxton, Nebraska in the Nebraska Sandhills. It is in the heart of cattle country on a working ranch. A common question I am asked is, “Where does the name Rafter 7S come from?” The name "Rafter 7S" comes from our cattle brand. The brand was first registered by my husband's grandfather. The company consists of my husband, Dean, myself (Sherri), and our children (Kate, Mara, and Clay).

Our jelly is still made the old fashioned way – hand stirred in small batches with no preservatives or corn syrup. Try our wild fruit jellies and syrups, made with native Nebraska berries. We hand pick the wild fruit at peak ripeness for the best flavor. Many customers have stated that our wild plum and wild chokecherry jelly remind them of the jellies that their grandma used to make. They now purchase it to give to their grandparents as gifts.

Have you ever tried pepper jelly? Most of our pepper jellies are mild, first a little sweet, then a little heat. One popular way to serve it is over cream cheese with crackers. It can also be used to spice up Hors d-oeuvres, toast and peanut butter, chicken, fish, pork or beef. Stir it in any salad for a little extra zing. The possibilities are endless! The peppers used in our products are all grown locally. We hand pick only the finest peppers for our products.

Give our jellies a try. Once you savor the down-home flavor, you will begin to imagine you are visiting us right here at the ranch!
The possibilities are endless with Rafter 7S Jellies!