Raspberry Chipotle Glaze

12 oz. Jar: $9.95
Enjoy the smoky flavor of the finest chipotle peppers blended with real raspberries. It is the perfect balance of sweet and heat. Use as a glaze over steak, chicken, ham, fish or other meat. Pour over cream cheese and serve with crackers. For unusual dessert, drizzle over cheesecake or ice cream. It is all natural, contains no preservatives or corn syrup.
Holiday Habanero Glaze

12 oz. Jar: $9.95
Recently a Fiery Food Challenge Winner. It is hot but not too hot. Made from locally grown peppers, it has a hint of cranberry, which creates a spicy-sweet flavor. Holiday Habanero Glaze is all natural, containing no preservatives or corn syrup. Glazes can be used over meats when cooking or barbecuing. This glaze works well in dips or over a brick of cream cheese. Try it over meatballs, cocktail franks or, for a unique desert, drizzle it over ice cream or cheesecake. Holiday Habanero Glaze is made the old fashioned way—hand stirred in small batches. It is available in a 12 ounce bottle.
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